Our company was founded in 1949 by Omer ARI at the first step of Commerce life with named ARI TICARET. Omer ARI was one of the first apricot traders in Malatya and at the same time, Malatya citizen remembers him as a teacher of apricot business for Malatya. Later, We have founded ARI KAYISI VE TARIM URUNLERI GIDA SAN VE TIC PAZ. LTD. STI. in 2005 as a result of our experiences from Mr.Omer ARI. Our company's main activity is the processing of dried apricots, packaging and marketing and exporting and We provide you the most healthy and very famous Malatya dried apricots. After then,We have started to process and supply other dried fruit items according additional demands from our customers. Our Factory is in Konak, Malatya city that is provide 85% dried apricots for all over the world.our engineers analysis for all microbiological test to obtain high quality products from raw material of dried fruits because of provide our customers the most healthy flavors. we are producing high quality products in our 1500 m2 factory closed area according to our customer country sulphur and moisture rates.We are exporting our products to EU countries, Russia, Ukraine, Balkan Countries, North African Countries, Middle east countries, USA and CANADA with our own brand, ARI .The long term target of our company is to have a strong base in the world markets among the best producers worldwide in the area of dried apricots and dried fruits production. There are two main groups and three classes for dried apricots processing and packing ; groups are sulphured and unsulphured and classes are first class,second class and industrial class. You will also see all sizes in this page according to TS 485.All processing and exporting must be regulated according to TS 485 (Turkish export standarts 485) for processor companies in Turkey when They export dried apricots. This (TS 485) standart is also included sulphure rate until max. 2500 PPM and 25% moistures.On the other hand the process is permited for all low sulphur rate then 2500 PPM according to TS 485.

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